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Proposed Film Act revision: investment obligation for online film providers and quotas for European films
Switzerland | 22 January 2021

The Film Act is under revision, with major implications for online film providers. Under the revised act, companies that show films in Switzerland in their programmes or as 'electronic services on demand or by subscription' (ESDS) must use at least 1% of their gross revenues to invest in independent Swiss film productions or pay a compensation fee. In addition, companies offering films in Switzerland as ESDS must allocate a minimum of 30% of their platform capacity to European films.

New requirements for film and video game platforms under proposed youth protection legislation
Switzerland | 11 December 2020

The Federal Council recently submitted to Parliament the draft and corresponding dispatch of the new Federal Act on the Protection of Minors in respect of Films and Video Games. Age labelling and age controls for films and video games will be uniformly stipulated throughout Switzerland and made mandatory for films and video games available at public events, through on-demand services and on physical storage media such as tapes, disks or sticks.

Federal Council offers financial assistance to online media
Switzerland | 27 September 2019

In view of the media industry's ostensibly democratic and political role, the Federal Council has decided to adopt effective and feasible support measures. These measures will be implemented by adapting existing laws and incorporating online media into the scope of the Federal Act on Radio and Television. However, the plan to create a new Electronic Media Act has been abandoned.

Protection of minors in respect of films and video games: consultation process commenced
Switzerland | 19 April 2019

The Federal Council recently launched the consultation process on the preliminary draft of the new Federal Act on the Protection of Minors in respect of Films and Video Games (Youth Protection Act). The Youth Protection Act, which will comprehensively regulate the protection of minors and close existing legislative gaps, is embedded in a complex set of ongoing legal revisions in a national and international context.

Highlights of pre-draft Electronic Media Act
Switzerland | 22 February 2019

In June 2018 the Federal Council issued a preliminary draft of the new Electronic Media Act (EMA), which aims to ensure that media content continues to meet high journalistic standards following profound changes in media use over the past decade. This article explores the highlights of the pre-draft EMA, which will replace the current Federal Act on Radio and Television.