Mr Bai Huasheng

Bai Huasheng


Intellectual Property

Significance of taking global view on prior art when assessing inventiveness
China | 29 April 2019

A recent case concerning a culinary utensil invention may serve as a point of reference in assessing technical teaching. In practice – particularly in cases involving machinery – even though a structure extracted from prior art is identical or similar to a technical feature of a patent claim, a technical teaching could be erroneously derived if the structure's effect is considered based only on the extracted structure alone and not the effect that the structure achieves within the whole context of the invention.

Patent claim drafting tips: a patent invalidation and lawsuit perspective
China | 13 November 2017

There are a number of tips that patentees should follow in order to enhance their patent's strength and give greater protection to their inventions. For example, patent claims should cover as many direct infringers as possible, defence claims should include as many specific features as possible and patent claims should not include any process features.