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Lili Guan

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Ms. Lili GUAN obtained a BE degree in Communication Engineering from Henan University, Henan, China in 2007 and a Master’s degree of Engineering in Signal and Information Processing from Beijing Information Science and Technology University, Beijing, China in 2010. After graduation, she joined Peksung Intellectual Property Ltd. to practice as a patent attorney. She passed the patent attorney qualifying exam in 2012. Her technical fields cover communications, electronics and industrial design. Her working languages are Chinese (native)


Intellectual Property

New patent practice for computer programs
China | 05 February 2018

The State Intellectual Property Office recently issued a decision amending the Guidelines for Patent Examination. The revised guidelines explicitly prescribe that an invention involving a computer program is not the same as a computer program per se, which broadens the scope of eligible subject matters in this field. The guidelines came into effect in April 2017.