Ms Wu Xiaohui

Wu Xiaohui


Intellectual Property

Scope of reasonable protection in medical use claims
China | 03 February 2020

Claims are technical solutions seeking protection and should be a generalisation of the content sufficiently disclosed in a patent description. However, poorly drafted claims that include inappropriate generalisations risk being unsupported by their description. When ascertaining whether a claim of medical use invention is supported, it is crucial to reasonably interpret the scope of the claim.

Offering to sell constitutes patent infringement
China | 29 July 2019

Offering to sell is an independent act of patent exploitation. However, it is not necessarily established on the premise that the product is physically manufactured or actually sold. In this context, the Beijing Intellectual Property Office recently had to consider how to determine whether an accused drug falls within the protected scope of a patent, without appraising a physical product, and the criteria needed to determine whether a product is being offered for sale.