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Intellectual Property

Courts uphold decision to invalidate place name trademark
China | 29 March 2021

In an exemplary trademark case, Inner Mongolia Yunlu Water Industry Company Limited filed an invalidation claim against a trademark on the grounds that it breached the Trademark Law. The trademark in question was the name of a place in Inner Mongolia, China, which was known for its rich mineral resources. Therefore, the trademark's registrability depended on whether the name had acquired any additional meanings other than that of the place name.

Recognition of well-known trademarks in internet industry
China | 14 January 2019

In July 2018 the Supreme People's Court confirmed the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board's decision to invalidate the pre-emptive registration of the trademark 美图秀秀MEITUXIUXIU in Class 3. The court's verdict has put an end to the invalidation proceedings instituted by Xiamen Meitu Technology Co, Ltd against the disputed trademark and confirmed the well-known status of the cited trademark 美图秀秀 in Class 9.