Ms Cindy Shu Qi Zhen

Cindy Shu Qi Zhen


Intellectual Property

Supreme Court releases exposure draft on several provisions concerning IP civil litigation evidence
China | 27 July 2020

The Supreme Court recently released an exposure draft on several provisions concerning evidence specifically relating to civil litigations involving IP matters. The draft contains five chapters and 53 provisions, encompassing aspects of the provision of evidence by the parties, the investigation of evidence, the collection and preservation of evidence, evidence exchanging and cross-examination, and evidence assessment and admissibility. The draft also attempts to codify some customary practices.

Trademark use on signboards by unauthorised retailers
China | 04 May 2020

In China, foreign brand owners are becoming increasingly concerned about unauthorised retailers using their trademarks on signboards. The legal issue is complicated by the fact that these unauthorised retailers are selling genuine goods which originate from parallel imports.

Trademark Law revised to combat squatters and counterfeiters
China | 27 May 2019

In 2018 the China Trademark Office launched a consultation for the fourth revision of the Trademark Law, which will enter into force in November 2019. The revision focuses on two important issues: the proliferation of trademarks, which was one of the main issues on which comments were submitted, and enforcement actions against infringers, which are considered insufficiently deterrent. As the new law was promulgated in such a hurry, further explanation and information on how it will be implemented is necessary.

Zhejiang court awards Stokke Rmb2.25 million in damages in patent infringement suit
China | 24 December 2018

The statutory limit for damages set out in the Patent Act is Rmb1 million, which is lower than the equivalent limit set out in both the Trademark Law and the Anti-unfair Competition Law. As such, it is becoming increasingly important in patent cases to convince the court that the prejudice is higher than the statutory limit. Stokke AS recently managed to do this before a Zhejiang court in a lawsuit against a patent infringer.