Ms Josefine Linden

Josefine Linden


Intellectual Property

Calculation of damages in cases of misappropriation of trade secrets and copyright infringement
Sweden | 08 March 2021

In its first judgment of 2021, the Labour Court used a textbook case of misappropriation of trade secrets – where a previous employee had absconded with trade secrets and copyright-protected works that were subsequently used by his new competing venture – to clarify the method to be applied when calculating total damages under both legal regimes. It will be interesting to see how the courts interpret and apply this principle in future cases.

Availability of corrective measures
Sweden | 01 February 2021

The Patent and Market Court of Appeal recently handed down a judgment on the validity of a patent claiming a pharmaceutical invention and the availability of corrective measures with respect to goods manufactured in countries where the patentee's consent is unnecessary. The court's examination of the latter issue reveals that Sweden has failed to properly implement the EU Enforcement Directive with respect to corrective measures.

Joint handling of patent infringement claims and contractual claims in Swedish IP courts
Sweden | 21 September 2020

In the Swedish legal system, the specialist IP courts handle patent infringement claims, while the general courts handle contractual claims. But such different claims can be combined and handled jointly by the specialist courts under certain circumstances. In a recent case, the Supreme Court clarified under which circumstances patent claims and such civil claims can be combined and handled jointly.

Dynamic blocking injunction against ISPs
Sweden | 27 July 2020

In a groundbreaking case for copyright holders and internet service providers in Sweden, the Patent and Market Court of Appeal recently declared, for the first time, that dynamic blocking injunctions are in line with Swedish legislation. Unlike regular static blocking injunctions that cover only a specific infringement by a specific infringer, dynamic blocking injunctions also cover other infringements and possibly those by other infringers.