Mr Stefan Widmark

Stefan Widmark


Intellectual Property

Dynamic blocking injunction against ISPs
Sweden | 27 July 2020

In a groundbreaking case for copyright holders and internet service providers in Sweden, the Patent and Market Court of Appeal recently declared, for the first time, that dynamic blocking injunctions are in line with Swedish legislation. Unlike regular static blocking injunctions that cover only a specific infringement by a specific infringer, dynamic blocking injunctions also cover other infringements and possibly those by other infringers.

Supreme Court rules on balancing of copyright and fundamental rights
Sweden | 06 April 2020

A landmark Supreme Court judgment has closed the book on the widely known 'iron pipe scandal'. The court confirmed that fundamental rights such as freedom of the press, no matter how fundamental, do not justify the use of copyrighted materials outside the scope of the existing exceptions and limitations as set out in the Copyright Act and the EU InfoSoc Directive.

Tech, Data, Telecoms & Media

Marketing of gambling bonuses
Sweden | 11 December 2020

In a recent judgment, the Patent and Market Court ruled on the issue of marketing bonus offers pertaining to gambling services in light of the requirement of sufficient information and moderate marketing under Swedish market law. The judgment, which also concerns the issue of sufficient disclosure of age limits and other undue marketing measures, is important as it is the second judgment to deal with gambling marketing since the deregulation of the Swedish gambling monopoly.