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Taxation of shipping operations
Norway | 07 May 2014

A non-resident company that participates in business being carried out in, or managed from, Norway will be liable to pay tax. However, an exemption to this rule exists. The exemption results in non-Norwegian shipowners not being liable to tax in Norway on shipping income – even if the shipping business is managed from Norway – provided that certain conditions are met.

Structuring yards' equity participation in vessels and rigs
Norway | 06 November 2013

In the existing financial climate, there is an emerging trend for yards to provide their buyers with a new form of sellers' credit – by participating with equity in the project companies that are ordering newbuilds. The choice of corporate entity and its jurisdiction can have both favourable and detrimental tax consequences for the different participants.

Norwegian tonnage tax – an attractive regime
Norway | 24 October 2012

The Norwegian tonnage tax regime stands out as one of the most favourable and competitive in the world today. It provides a stable and attractive option for ship owners and operators. Their growing confidence is demonstrated by the fact that the Norwegian tonnage tax regime currently has more vessels registered than any other regime.

The comeback of the Norwegian tonnage tax regime
Norway | 06 July 2011

The 2007 overhaul of the Norwegian tonnage tax regime proved controversial, with lawsuits following the government's decision to tax retrospectively income that was previously tax exempt. A 2010 Supreme Court ruling that this should be reversed has since restored confidence in the regime. All in all, the Norwegian tax package has become very competitive and shipowners are showing increased interest as a result.

Shipping Companies May Leave Contentious Tax System at Opportune Moment
Norway | 13 February 2008

It has been predicted that most Norwegian shipping companies will enter the country’s new tonnage tax regime but will leave at an opportune time. It will require companies to pay deferred taxes, which will cost the industry NKr21 billion ($3.9billion). A number of law firms are already considering challenging the government through the legal system.

Tonnage Tax: Possible Changes to the CFC Legislation
Norway | 31 January 2007

The committee appointed by the government to assess the tonnage tax regime has made two general recommendations: to abolish the tax incentives under the tonnage tax regime and extend the controlled foreign companies (CFC) legislation. However, the countereffect of an extension of the CFC legislation would be limited, as shipping investors could still achieve a beneficial tax position in the European Union.