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When is a commercial agreement entered into for the provision of towage assistance to a distressed vessel?
Norway | 25 July 2018

A recent Agder Court of Appeal decision regarding remuneration for towage of the vessel Kvitnos underscores that where commercial terms have been discussed, a party wishing to claim a salvage award should expressly reserve its rights to do so. The case also illustrates that oral agreements may give rise to disputes when parties have divergent impressions of what has been agreed, especially in distressed situations where time is of the essence and information is scarce.

Arbitration clauses and third parties in bills of lading and other agreements
Norway | 01 February 2017

Since arbitration requires agreement between the parties, a third party is not normally bound by, or enti­tled to invoke, an arbitration clause. However, there are exceptions to the rule. It is recommended, when drafting arbitration clauses, to take into account not only the position of the contractual parties, but also the position of possi­ble third parties, since this may reduce or avoid the risk of difficult procedural questions that may arise if claims are later made by or against a third party.

Options for owners in case of early redelivery
United Kingdom | 22 July 2015

If a time charterer redelivers a vessel before the end of the agreed charter period, the owner is faced with the choice of either accepting redelivery and claiming damages or maintaining the charterparty and continuing to claim hire. This decision has both commercial and legal implications. The owner's dilemma remains the same under a bareboat charterparty as under a time charterparty.