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Contractual options for stranded assets
International | 15 January 2020

Despite it being almost six years since the 2014 oil price crash, there appears to still be only limited appetite for new investments in the offshore space, with many offshore investors and other stakeholders appearing to be keeping their powder dry until more obvious signs of an upturn are visible on the horizon. This article examines the current situation and some of the contracting solutions in the offshore markets.

Co-insurance under Nordic Marine Insurance Plan and assignment of insurance
Norway | 30 April 2014

A financing bank will usually secure a loan by obtaining a mortgage for a vessel and seek to protect its interests in the mortgaged vessel by way of insurance. The bank has several options to ensure that its interests are protected by insurance, depending on the conditions under which the owner's insurances are placed, the degree of risk that is acceptable and the costs of taking out various insurance covers.

Norwegian Saleform 2012 versus Nipponsale 1999
International | 13 November 2013

Sellers and buyers of secondhand vessels are sometimes faced with the question of which standard contract to use. The Norwegian Saleform 2012 is the most commonly used contract in the market, with the Japanese Nipponsale 1999 coming in second. However, if one party is based in the east and the other in the west, negotiations sometimes begin with a battle of forms

Charterers' legal rights to their equipment on board vessels
Norway | 17 July 2013

It is becoming increasingly common for charterers to place their own specific equipment on board the vessels that they charter. For example, in the offshore sector, seismic and pipe-laying equipment is often owned by charterers. As this kind of equipment is valuable, it is important for charterers to protect their legal rights to the equipment.

Enforcement of foreign ship mortgages
Norway | 10 October 2012

Some international ship registries do not require ship mortgages to specify the amount being secured by the underlying obligations. However, in Norway, a ship mortgage is required not only to identify the property to be mortgaged, but also to specify the maximum amount which is secured under the mortgage. Is a foreign-registered mortgage, without a specified amount for security, enforceable under Norwegian law?

Accident Investigation Board to Investigate Accidents at Sea
Norway | 21 June 2006

By the end of 2007 the Accident Investigation Board will be granted authority to investigate accidents at sea in addition to accidents within the aviation, railway and road sectors. The new legislation on the investigation of accidents at sea focuses on establishing the course of events in order to promote safety at sea; the purpose of the investigations is not to apportion blame and liability.