Mr Guy Tompkins

Guy Tompkins

Lawyer biography

Guy holds a LLB(Hons) and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Canterbury. He joined Wilson Harle in 2011 and was admitted to the bar later that year.

Guy’s experience has included assisting clients in disputes relating to competition, defamation, insurance, tort liability, contract and criminal law. Guy is particularly interested in both competition and media law.



Diminution not required for voidable transactions
New Zealand | 10 September 2019

The Supreme Court recently confirmed that the requirements outlined in Section 292 of the Companies Act 1993 are all that is required in order to void an insolvent transaction. In particular, the court confirmed that there is no additional common law principle stating that the transaction must have diminished the net pool of assets available to creditors. This is a helpful decision which brings certainty to the test for voidable transactions and avoids adding unnecessary complexity into the corporate insolvency regime.

Online defamation: court clarifies host liability for third-party publications
New Zealand | 01 October 2013

New Zealand, like many other jurisdictions, has been grappling with the new legal issues arising from the upsurge in communication online. An area that has recently received attention is the extent to which a person or entity that hosts or republishes content created by third parties online can be held liable for defamatory content generated by users. Two recent High Court decisions have clarified the approach in New Zealand.

Overhaul of High Court discovery rules
New Zealand | 31 January 2012

A new set of High Court discovery rules has been designed to reduce the often disproportionate cost of discovery - a matter of increasing concern in New Zealand and other common law jurisdictions. Key features include a new standard for discoverability, a presumption in favour of electronic exchange and the creation of an express obligation to preserve documents.