Mr Tom Burgess

Tom Burgess

Lawyer biography

Tom joined the firm in 2016 having graduated with a LLB/BCom (Economics and Finance) from the University of Canterbury in 2015. He was admitted to the bar in 2016.
Whilst at university, Tom summer clerked at Wilson Harle and worked as a research assistant for the University’s law department.
Since joining Wilson Harle, Tom has been involved in a broad range of dispute resolution matters. He has a particular interest in contractual issues, media law and intellectual property.



Litigation funding in New Zealand
New Zealand | 31 January 2017

Unlike other common law jurisdictions, New Zealand has not legislated to extinguish or restrict the torts of maintenance and champerty. Nonetheless, the courts have adopted a pragmatic approach to the management of third-party funded litigation, which recognises the benefits of third-party litigation funding in promoting access to justice, while leaving certain issues arising under the torts of maintenance and champerty for determination in the context of an actual claim of that nature.