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06 November 2019
Shannon Rajan Now everyone can fly… with even fewer headaches! Amendments to MAVCOM Protection Code

Malaysia - SKRINE

The Malaysian Aviation Commission Protection Code 2016 was recently amended. The amendments, which considered feedback from consumers and consultations with industry players, aim to promote greater transparency and fairness in dealings between airlines and passengers, which should allow consumers to enjoy monetary savings and make more informed decisions.

Authors: Shannon Rajan, Raja Nadhil Aqran bin Raja Ahmad Aminollah
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Ahmed Murad Why the Maldives should ratify the Cape Town Convention and Aircraft Equipment Protocol

Maldives - Mazlan & Murad Law Associates

If the Maldives ratifies the Cape Town Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment and the Aircraft Equipment Protocol 2001, it is likely to have a direct and positive effect on airlines, passengers and the Maldives economy as a whole. For example, if borrowing costs reduce, this would pave the way for the acquisition of new modern aircraft with less fuel consumption – ultimately enabling airlines to pass on the benefits to passengers in the form of reduced travel costs.

Author: Ahmed Murad
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David Heffernan FAA plans to increase rest periods for US airline flight attendants

USA - Cozen O'Connor

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has begun the process of amending its regulations to require that flight attendants at US airlines receive a rest period of at least 10 consecutive hours between periods of duty lasting 14 hours or less. Under the FAA's current regulations, a flight attendant who is scheduled for a duty period of 14 hours or less must be given a scheduled rest period of at least nine consecutive hours. Comments on the advance notice are due by 12 November 2019.

Author: David Heffernan
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Recent updates

Mubashir Mansor MAVCOM imposes fines on airline and airport operators

Malaysia - SKRINE

Author: Mubashir Mansor
Ulrich Steppler Q&A on pitfalls and red flags when dealing with German MROs

Germany - Arnecke Sibeth Dabelstein

Authors: Ulrich Steppler, Christine Kranich
Llewellyn V Boyer-Cartwright Gateway to The Bahamas: runway rehabilitation project

Bahamas - Callenders & Co

Author: Llewellyn V Boyer-Cartwright
Rachel Welford TSA adopts alternative approach to enforcement against airlines and other regulated entities

USA - Cozen O'Connor

Author: Rachel Welford
Elizabeth Mireya Freidenberg Airlines challenge fines by immigration office

Argentina - Freidenberg Freidenberg & Lifsic

Author: Elizabeth Mireya Freidenberg