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12 May 2021
Peggy Sharon Airport operator's liability towards passengers in terminals

Israel - Levitan, Sharon & Co

The Jerusalem Magistrates Court recently accepted a claim filed against the Israeli Aviation Authority (IAA) by a passenger who had been injured while colliding with another person at Ben-Gurion International Airport, which the IAA operated. The court ruled that the presence of ground stewards in the terminal – even if considered to be a high standard – could have prevented the collision between the plaintiff and the other person.

Authors: Peggy Sharon, Keren Marco
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Andreas Fankhauser Damning investigation report of Ju 52 crash and its legal fallout

Switzerland - Proton Legal LLC

Swiss Transportation Safety Investigation Board investigators recently released a report on the crash of a vintage Junkers Ju 52 aircraft, operated by Ju-Air. The report found that the aircraft had stalled after the pilots navigated it in a high-risk manner into a narrow valley at a low altitude and a dangerously low airspeed with its centre of gravity out of limits. The investigation detailed a deficient safety culture that permeated every aspect of Ju-Air.

Author: Andreas Fankhauser
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Rachel Welford DHS postpones REAL ID deadline again

USA - Cozen O'Connor

The US Department of Homeland Security has again postponed the deadline for compliance with the REAL ID Act 2005. Under the REAL ID Act, federal agencies may not accept state-issued driver's licences or ID cards for 'official purposes' – including clearance through Transport Security Administration security checkpoints at airports – unless those documents meet certain minimum requirements. The deadline extension is welcome news for US airlines and the US travel industry.

Author: Rachel Welford
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Fernando Hurtado de Mendoza Practical approaches to protective remedies in Civil Aviation Law

Peru - Kennedys Law LLP

Author: Fernando Hurtado de Mendoza
Miquel Campos Faura New UAS regulation set to be approved

Spain - Augusta Abogados

Author: Miquel Campos Faura
Carsten Vyvers Air freight overview

International - Arnecke Sibeth Dabelstein

Author: Carsten Vyvers
Llewellyn V Boyer-Cartwright Aviation 2020: year in review

Bahamas - HarleyJames

Author: Llewellyn V Boyer-Cartwright
Carlos P Martins Court certifies two passenger class actions against WestJet

Canada - WeirFoulds

Authors: Carlos P Martins, Andrew MacDonald
John Pearson Court rules that $5,150,000 in unpaid aircraft lease rent must be settled by arbitration

United Kingdom - Vedder Price PC

Authors: John Pearson, Martina Glaser