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Company & Commercial

07 October 2019
Mirosław Cejmer Simple joint stock company introduced to Commercial Companies Code

Poland - Kubas Kos Gałkowski

Parliament recently introduced the simple joint stock company to the Commercial Companies Code. This change aims to provide a simpler and cheaper option than standard joint stock companies regarding company formation, operation and liquidation and a more modern and flexible company model with a legal personality that will be particularly attractive to start-ups. However, the introduction of this new type of company has provoked divergent opinions.

Authors: Mirosław Cejmer, Bartłomiej Pobożniak
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Cristina Tudoras Directors' confidentiality obligations

Romania - Schoenherr

Under Romanian law, the scope and duration of a director's confidentiality obligations must be agreed in the mandate agreement to be concluded between the director and their company. In order to mitigate any risks in this regard, mandate agreements should set out the specific circumstances in which directors can disclose confidential information to their company's parent undertaking or subsidiaries.

Author: Cristina Tudoras
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EY discusses voluntary audit committee disclosures

USA - Cooley LLP

Audit reports for most public companies will soon be required to disclose critical audit matters, which are intended to make the audit report more informative for investors. However, over the past several years, companies and their audit committees have gone a long way towards increasing the amount of audit-related information that they provide to investors voluntarily. While year to year the changes appear largely incremental, the change over the entire period is considerable.

Author: Cydney Posner
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Recent updates

Corp Fin changes approach to responding to no-action requests to exclude shareholder proposals

USA - Cooley LLP

Author: Cydney Posner
Eugenio Vaccari Supreme Court of Cassation examines rules on reimbursement of company loans

Italy - Grieco e Associati

Author: Eugenio Vaccari
Dimitri N Cocalis Commercial corporate entities: a brief outline

Greece - Cocalis & Partners

Author: Dimitri N Cocalis