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Company & Commercial

20 January 2020
Rhidian David More flexible regime for intra-group guarantees issued by public limited companies

France - Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP

Law 2019-744 of 19 July 2019 seeks to simplify and update wide-ranging aspects of company law. The measures include changes to the approval process that public limited companies must follow in order to issue, in favour of a third party, a guarantee of the obligations of a subsidiary that they control. These changes aim to enable foreign subsidiaries of French companies to respond more quickly to international tender processes.

Authors: Rhidian David, Agnes Braka-Calas
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Eugenio Vaccari Supreme Court of Cassation rules on chair and deputy chair duties and directors' revocation

Italy - Grieco e Associati

The Supreme Court of Cassation has set out important principles regarding the duties of chairs and deputy chairs of company boards of directors. In particularly, chairs' duties are of an organisational nature and must be fulfilled in a neutral way with the aim of coordinating the board as an impartial body. The court also ruled on directors' right to be indemnified in the event of their revocation without cause before the expiration of their appointment.

Author: Eugenio Vaccari
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How does public view executive compensation?

USA - Cooley LLP

A recent Rock Centre for Corporate Governance paper suggests that the disconnect between observed pay levels and the public's view of executive compensation is stark. The paper was based on a survey conducted in October 2019 of 3,078 individuals – nationally representative by gender, age, race, political affiliation, household income and state residence – to understand the views that US citizens have on executive compensation.

Author: Cydney Posner
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Recent updates

Vlad Săndulescu Parliament eases procedure for setting up new companies

Romania - Schoenherr

Author: Vlad Săndulescu
Agus Ahadi Deradjat Government acts to regulate booming e-commerce sector and foreign providers operating in Indonesian market

Indonesia - Ali Budiardjo, Nugroho, Reksodiputro

Authors: Agus Ahadi Deradjat, Mahiswara Timur
Mirosław Cejmer Disposal of shares in private companies after introduction of universal dematerialisation

Poland - Kubas Kos Gałkowski

Authors: Mirosław Cejmer, Jacek Becker
Does appointment of former partner of client's audit firm to client's audit committee impair audit quality?

USA - Cooley LLP

Author: Cydney Posner
Eugenio Vaccari Supreme Court of Cassation rules on shareholders' right of withdrawal

Italy - Grieco e Associati

Author: Eugenio Vaccari
Gordon Drakes Good faith and relational contracts

United Kingdom - Fieldfisher LLP

Author: Gordon Drakes

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