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Employment & Benefits

March 07 2018
Tala Khoury Court gives asset purchasers leeway with employment offers

Canada - Fasken

The Ontario Court of Appeal recently overturned a Superior Court decision and ruled that a purchaser's employment offer, in and of itself, constitutes sufficient consideration to establish a valid employment contract. Further, asset purchasers are neither bound by the terms of the seller's employment agreements nor required to offer the seller's employees contracts on terms identical to their original agreements.

Author: Tala Khoury
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Rachel Richardson Harvey Weinstein and you: what employers should be doing about sexual harassment

Guernsey - Ogier

What started with complaints against an Oscar-winning film producer has led to a movement that has toppled government ministers and reduced much-loved figures from the entertainment world to pariahs. Although Guernsey may feel far away from Hollywood or Westminster, the issue of sexual harassment is just as real. So what should an employer do to protect its employees and its business from harassment?

Author: Rachel Richardson
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Victoria Goode Making a termination payment after April 5 2018

United Kingdom - Lewis Silkin

Income tax and national insurance contributions must be paid on all payments in lieu of notice from April 6 2018. The new rules emerged from a government consultation on the simplification of the tax treatment of termination payments. However, far from simplifying their taxation, the rules impose a complex administrative burden on employers and are likely to increase the costs to both employers and employees.

Author: Victoria Goode
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Recent updates

Mark Diserio Employee entitlements: no leave accrued during lock-out

Australia - Lander & Rogers

Authors: Mark Diserio, Kaitlyn Gulle, Emily Bowly
John Zaimes New parental leave and salary history laws take effect

USA - Mayer Brown LLP

Authors: John Zaimes, Ruth Zadikany
Carla Oliver Reduce risk of accident by investigating near misses

Canada - Fasken

Author: Carla Oliver
Richard Moore Further clarity on relevance of TUPE following share sale

United Kingdom - Lewis Silkin

Author: Richard Moore
Laurent Guardelli Burden of proof in sexual harassment cases: towards a presumption of guilt?

France - Coblence & Associés

Authors: Laurent Guardelli, Caroline Habib
Andrea Nicolò Stanchi Supreme Court decision on use of cameras in workplace and protection of employee dignity and privacy

Italy - Stanchi Studio Legale

Author: Andrea Nicolò Stanchi
Can I enforce a dress code at work?

Jersey - Ogier

Natasa Aplikiotou New definitions of employee 'undeclared work' and 'undeclared earnings' introduced

Cyprus - George Z Georgiou & Associates LLC

Author: Natasa Aplikiotou

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