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Insolvency & Restructuring

19 April 2019
Bart Heynickx Licence to contract – licence agreements and insolvency law

Belgium - ALTIUS

In an insolvency situation, the fate of ongoing contracts is something to be discussed. Such contracts are often closely linked to the essence of a company's business. For example, for (commercial) leases, a lessor's bankruptcy or a tenant's judicial reorganisation will probably result in discussions about the agreement, its (forced) execution and rental payments. If a company's activities are based on patent or software licences, the effect on these agreements will also be of crucial importance.

Author: Bart Heynickx
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Klaus Majamäki Bankruptcy estate liability for mutual real estate company's maintenance charges

Finland - HPP Attorneys Ltd

The Eastern Finland Court of Appeal recently ruled on a bankruptcy estate's liability for a mutual real estate company's maintenance charges. This decision further defines the scope of bankruptcy estates' liabilities and is a logical continuation of Supreme Court precedent in this area. As payments of bankruptcy estates' administrative expenses are privileged compared with claims against debtors, the definition of 'administrative expenses' should be interpreted cautiously.

Author: Klaus Majamäki
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