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International Trade

13 December 2019
Kay C Georgi Administration tests waters for unprecedented government review of international technology transactions

USA - Arent Fox LLP

Providers of telecoms, internet and digital services, as well as IT vendors and equipment manufacturers, will soon find doing deals with foreign entities a little more risky and complicated. A new review process soon to be underway at the Department of Commerce is designed to ferret out transactions that pose a threat to US national security, but provides parties whose deals are being evaluated little time to comment.

Authors: Kay C Georgi, David Hanke, Regan K Alberda, Claudia Hartleben
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Recent updates

Matthew Nolan Transpacific Steel secures trade court win for security tariffs on steel from Turkey

USA - Arent Fox LLP

Authors: Matthew Nolan, Nancy A Noonan, Diana Quaia, Aman Kakar