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International Trade

22 May 2020
Marwa M Hassoun Selective decoupling: phasing out domestic deployment of Chinese telecoms technology

USA - Arent Fox LLP

Through an array of legislative and administrative measures, the government has made significant strides in recent years to limit, and perhaps end altogether, the proliferation of Chinese-origin telecoms technology in US infrastructure. While some of the legislation is company agnostic, Chinese telecoms giant Huawei, which remains on the Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security's Entity List, is a primary target.

Authors: Marwa M Hassoun, David Hanke, Sylvia G Costelloe, Jeri Freirich
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Marwa M Hassoun Team Telecom emerges from shadows and FCC cracks down on Chinese telecoms companies

USA - Arent Fox LLP

A new executive order has formalised Team Telecom, a previously ad hoc committee which for many years has reviewed applications for Federal Communications Commission (FCC) authorisations involving non-US parties, typically for US-international telecoms service or submarine cable landings. The committee has the primary responsibility of reviewing applications for FCC authorisations which involve foreign ownership to identify national security or law enforcement risks.

Authors: Marwa M Hassoun, Alan G Fishel, David Hanke, Adam D Bowser
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Recent updates

Emily Gilmore COVID-19 Weekly Report (11-17 May 2020)

International - International Law Office

Author: Emily Gilmore
Matthew Tuchband OFAC's COVID-19 response: existing exceptions, filing and compliance flexibility and some relief for Iran

USA - Arent Fox LLP

Authors: Matthew Tuchband, Kay C Georgi, Regan K Alberda, Marwa M Hassoun