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08 January 2019
Omolara Oladipo Apportionment of liability under workers' compensation scheme

Canada - Dentons

A recent case examined the apportionment of liability for damages between multiple defendants where at least one of them is statutorily immune from liability. The court considered whether an employer can be held vicariously liable for damages caused by its employee's negligence when the injured party, the employee and the employer are subject to the Workers' Compensation Act.

Author: Omolara Oladipo
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Suzan Kurdi Watch out! Internal settlement negotiations may not always remain internal – West Ham v E20

United Kingdom - RPC

The Court of Appeal recently found that communications discussing a commercial proposal to settle an existing dispute are not privileged and are therefore subject to scrutiny by the court. Those engaged in litigation should take care not to commit to writing their commercial discussions on settlement and to frame their settlement discussions in terms of the legal advice that they have received on the litigation risks.

Authors: Suzan Kurdi, Davina Given
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Recent updates

Jonathan Hillson Court upholds owner's discretion to select contractor based on overall cost, schedule and experience

Canada - Dentons

Authors: Jonathan Hillson, Simon Elzen-Hoskyn
Sairam Subramanian Bombay High Court upholds constitutionality of Maharashtra's right to tax lottery schemes

India - Khaitan & Co

Authors: Sairam Subramanian, Rajeswari Mukherjee
Kei Akagawa IP High Court sets precedent regarding liability for inline linking

Japan - Anderson Mori & Tomotsune

Author: Kei Akagawa
David Smyth Former employees gain head start?

Hong Kong - RPC

Authors: David Smyth, Warren Ganesh
Jeffrey Kleywegt Amsterdam Court of Appeal declares Fortis settlement binding under WCAM

Netherlands - AKD NV

Author: Jeffrey Kleywegt
Victoria Rogers When will courts grant retrospective permission for disclosed documents to be used outside main litigation?

United Kingdom - RPC

Authors: Victoria Rogers, Geraldine Elliott
Andrew Thorp Reverse engineering: Court of Appeal in rare reversal of findings of fact

British Virgin Islands - Harney Westwood & Riegels

Authors: Andrew Thorp, Phillip Kite
Pantelis Mountrakis Supreme Court judgment on appointment of IT experts

Cyprus - Elias Neocleous & Co LLC

Author: Pantelis Mountrakis

Upcoming events

Brand Protection Online 2019

March 5 2019 – Chicago, United States

While the continuous evolution of technology and expansion of the online world creates opportunities for brands and businesses, it also results in significant challenges. Loss of revenue, reputation, and customer trust can all be direct results of the threats that inevitably arise in in the online space. WTR’s Brand Protection Online will provide a unique forum for in-house counsel to discuss the challenges, opportunities, and risks they face. Attendees will hear senior in-house peers from a range of industries discuss the latest cutting-edge strategies for online brand protection, including an examination of both successes and failures in this ever-changing environment.

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Managing Trademark Assets USA 2019

March 6 2019 – Chicago, United States

As brands expand and adapt to new technologies, business models and markets, trademark professionals face increasing challenges in protecting, managing, and enforcing their IP rights. However, while the challenges continue to escalate, budgets and resources remain the same—only adding to their burden. WTR’s fourth annual Managing Trademark Assets USA will provide attendees with a platform for senior counsel from a range of industries to discuss successes and failures and share real-world insights at a time when it is more important than ever before for brand owners to ensure they are integrating innovative and disruptive strategies into their trademark operations.

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