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14 May 2019
Robert Gilroy Summary judgment applications: analysing Weir-Jones and its application in BF

Canada - Dentons

The Alberta Court of Appeal recently clarified the test for summary judgment applications. The court noted the rift that has emerged in case law while discussing the standard of proof that is required in a summary judgment application. In particular, it held that the reliance on the conventional trial no longer reflects modern reality and must be readjusted in favour of more proportionate, timely and affordable procedures.

Authors: Robert Gilroy, Lovin Narula, Harkirat (Hanna) Teja
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Gan Khong Aik Attorney general's discretion is not unfettered

Malaysia - Gan Partnership

The attorney general is a public officer who has been given ample discretionary power under Article 145 of the Federal Constitution to institute, conduct or discontinue any criminal proceedings. The question is, where a public officer's decision is subject to judicial review, does this equally apply to the attorney general?

Authors: Gan Khong Aik, Lee Sze Ching
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Marta Robles New law protects tenants during eviction procedures

Spain - Pérez-Llorca

The Law on Urgent Measures Relating to Housing and Rental Matters recently entered into force, providing greater protection to tenants. The law has primarily amended the Civil Procedure Act, specifying that matters relating to leases where the claim can be quantified will be excluded from the scope of ordinary proceedings, and that summary proceedings can be initiated for certain amounts in accordance with the corresponding procedural rules.

Author: Marta Robles
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Geraldine Elliott Novel approach to measuring damages resulting from a breach of warranty

United Kingdom - RPC

The accepted approach of diminution in the value of a target company was recently challenged in the High Court of Justice. The case concerned the purchase of shares in a bank that had a $14.5 million exposure to Lehman Brothers' bankruptcy. The purchaser sued the seller for damages in that sum, alleging that its failure to provide for the Lehman exposure in the accounts amounted to a breach of warranty.

Authors: Geraldine Elliott, Emily Rome
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Recent updates

Deepshikha Dutt Court dismisses statutory misrepresentation claim against credit union board in landmark decision

Canada - Dentons

Authors: Deepshikha Dutt, Frank Bowman, Douglas BB Stewart
Warren Ganesh Settlement, costs and persons under disability

Hong Kong - RPC

Authors: Warren Ganesh, Michael Maguiness
Harriet Evans High Court seeks to clarify whether speculative investment by a private individual is a business or consumer activity

United Kingdom - RPC

Author: Harriet Evans
Fernando Eduardo Serec Brazil adheres to Hague Service Convention

Brazil - TozziniFreire Advogados

Authors: Fernando Eduardo Serec, Antonio M Barbuto Neto
Roderick Chalmers Hoynck van Papendrecht Not all alterations of architectural works result in infringements of moral rights

Netherlands - AKD The Netherlands

Author: Roderick Chalmers Hoynck van Papendrecht
Maria Hadjisavva Can a driver be responsible for the death of a passenger with heart problems?

Cyprus - Elias Neocleous & Co LLC

Author: Maria Hadjisavva
Sharon Daly Defender v HSBC: impact of settling with one concurrent wrongdoer

Ireland - Matheson

Author: Sharon Daly
Manuela Grassi Time barred: court rejects contract claim based on limitation period

Italy - Ichino Brugnatelli e Associati Studio Legale

Author: Manuela Grassi

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20-21 May 2019 – Copenhagen, Denmark

The 5th IBA Global Entrepreneurship Conference will explore how digitalisation has already disrupted and will further affect various business sectors and examine what role the human factor will have in the post-digitalised business world and society. The conference will focus on the Nordic model and how comprehensive welfare states and progressive societies go hand in hand with free markets and trade to provide a high standard of living.

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