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09 July 2019
Joe Sebestyen Reference re Environmental Management Act (British Columbia): one step forward for Trans Mountain

Canada - Dentons

A recent British Columbia Court of Appeal decision is significant because it has removed (for now at least) one of the barriers to the development and construction of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project. It has also provided some clarity on the roles that the federal and provincial governments may properly play in the regulation of interprovincial pipelines and, more broadly, in the complex area of environmental regulation.

Authors: Joe Sebestyen, Michael Thackray, Mai Rempel, Bernard J Roth
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Tim Brown Collision of legal duties, family loyalties and unreliable truth

United Kingdom - RPC

In a case which has attracted public, press and legal attention, the High Court recently found that the directors of a family-run business should have ensured that the company's interests took precedence over any personal and private loyalties felt towards their family members where those competing interests came into conflict. The court's findings offer a number of helpful reminders of crucial considerations for both businesspeople and legal professionals.

Authors: Tim Brown, Adam Forster
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Recent updates

Lorena K Harris Alberta judge dismisses case against police officers on grounds of reasonable force

Canada - Dentons

Authors: Lorena K Harris, Amjad Khadhair
Mike van de Graaf NCC and NCCA as alternative forums

Netherlands - AKD The Netherlands

Author: Mike van de Graaf
Pantelis Mountrakis Admissibility of digital evidence in court

Cyprus - Elias Neocleous & Co LLC

Authors: Pantelis Mountrakis, Michael Ioannou
Nicolas Contis International Chamber of Paris Commercial Court and International Chamber of Paris Court of Appeal: one year later

France - Kalliopé

Authors: Nicolas Contis, Talel Aronowicz
Antony Sassi Cross-examination of deponent and early disclosure

Hong Kong - RPC

Authors: Antony Sassi, Warren Ganesh
Davina Given Serving up the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

United Kingdom - RPC

Authors: Davina Given, James Taylor
Christopher Pease Taking charge: Commercial Court delivers judgment on its jurisdiction to grant charging orders

British Virgin Islands - Harneys

Authors: Christopher Pease, Andrew Thorp, Phillip Kite
Sharon Daly Defender v HSBC: impact of settling with one concurrent wrongdoer

Ireland - Matheson

Author: Sharon Daly