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12 November 2019
David Smyth False statement of truth leads to prison

Hong Kong - RPC

Mathnasium Center Licensing, LLC v Chang is another recent example of the courts sentencing makers of false statements of truth to a period of imprisonment for contempt of court. In this case, the defendant signed a false statement of truth in a defence filed on behalf of a company which he controlled and which was being sued by the plaintiff. The court found that it was beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant must have known about the falsity of the admission and thus found him to be in contempt of court.

Authors: David Smyth, Antony Sassi
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Suzan Kurdi Contribution to legal costs: natural love and affection or calculated self-interest?

United Kingdom - RPC

When will an order for costs be made against a family member who was not a party to the underlying proceedings but who contributed significantly to funding the losing party's defence? According to a recent case, the answer is when the funder has a personal interest in the litigation.

Authors: Suzan Kurdi, Andy McGregor
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Recent updates

Daphne Ionides Interlocutory injunctions as a post-judgment tool

Cyprus - Elias Neocleous & Co LLC

Author: Daphne Ionides
Ben Harris Risky business: the perils of taking over someone else's contract

United Kingdom - RPC

Authors: Ben Harris, Davina Given
Mathieu Laurent District court examines aspects relating to loan guarantees

Luxembourg - Luther SA

Authors: Mathieu Laurent, Marie Romero
Charles Allen Review of 'fraud exception' to summary judgment

Hong Kong - RPC

Author: Charles Allen
Bram Woltering Court rules on inventor's failure to transfer a patent

Netherlands - AKD The Netherlands

Author: Bram Woltering
Gan Khong Aik Federal Court rules that Arbitration Act provisions do not apply to non-parties to arbitration agreements

Malaysia - Gan Partnership

Author: Gan Khong Aik
Hannah Yiu Supreme Court confirms that replacement cover rights are not assignable

New Zealand - Wilson Harle

Author: Hannah Yiu
Kate McKenna Recent rulings on state aid

Ireland - Matheson

Authors: Kate McKenna, Helen Kelly

Upcoming events

IBA – Building the Law Firm of the Future

21-22 November 2019 – London, England

Following the unprecedented success of last year's conference, the 2019 law firm management conference will once again be an extremely innovative and forward-looking event. Its speakers and panellists will gather to explore the future for law firms and provide their thoughts and insights on how law firms will differ in five or 10 years. This is a must-attend conference if you want to understand the future of law firms and the legal world.

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Managing and Mitigating Risk in Intellectual Assets

26 March, 2020 – London, UK

IP may be the single most important asset a company possesses. Whether it is physical or digital, customer data or operational information, trade secrets or business strategies, IP is often the main driver of revenue for any organisation. As IP becomes a more valuable corporate asset, managing the risks around it become a major business priority. IAM’s inaugural IP Risk Management series will provide organisations with best practices for identifying, evaluating, managing and mitigating IP risks within the business.

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