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17 November 2020
Gan Khong Aik Competing claims in curial and arbitral proceedings: recent anti-arbitration injunction developments

Malaysia - Gan Partnership

Are the Malaysian courts adopting a minimalist judicial intervention approach when considering anti-arbitration injunctions? This article discusses a recent Federal Court decision which dealt with the issue of competing claims in curial and arbitral proceedings where not all parties were before both forums, and two recent high court decisions that made reference to the Federal Court decision.

Authors: Gan Khong Aik, Kang Mei Yee
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Emma Griffiths More is more when giving notice of claims under SPAs

United Kingdom - RPC

Failure to comply with a contractual requirement to give notice of a claim under a sale and purchase agreement can cause a buyer's claim to fail, even if the seller is already aware of the matters that give rise to the claim. The High Court recently provided a timely reminder that buyers should consider carefully the terms of the notice requirements and follow these rigorously.

Authors: Emma Griffiths, Geraldine Elliott
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Recent updates

Min Lee Tan Can management corporations stop parcel owners from operating Airbnbs?

Malaysia - Gan Partnership

Authors: Min Lee Tan, Mun Yan Mah
Carmel Green Courts return to some normality

Hong Kong - RPC

Authors: Carmel Green, Antony Sassi, David Smyth
Lucy Baughan When is an application to court an abuse of process?

United Kingdom - RPC

Authors: Lucy Baughan, Daniel Wyatt
Eliana Tuijn Validity of NCC and NCCA clauses

Netherlands - AKD

Author: Eliana Tuijn
Janine Häsler High threshold for admission of evidence obtained by private parties in criminal proceedings

Switzerland - Lenz & Staehelin

Authors: Janine Häsler, Nico Ravazzolo
Oliver Passmore Royal Court demonstrates its ability to assist in administration of foreign trusts

Jersey - Ogier

Authors: Oliver Passmore, Daniel Maine
Beril Yayla Sapan Will COVID-19 skyrocket remote hearings?

Turkey - Gün + Partners

Authors: Beril Yayla Sapan, Asena Aytuğ Keser
Ahmed Murad Precedential decision: Supreme Court rules on enforcement of foreign judgments

Maldives - Mazlan & Murad Law Associates

Author: Ahmed Murad

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