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15 October 2020
Cline Glidden Q&A: earning residency through business investment

Cayman Islands - Ogier

The Cayman Islands has two residency by business investment programmes: the Certificate of Direct Investment and the Residency Certificate (Substantial Business Presence). This Q&A provides insight into each programme, including whether applicants can eventually apply for a Cayman passport, how many applicants typically apply for residency and the associated costs.

Author: Cline Glidden
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Mathew Newman Snapshot: recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments

Guernsey - Ogier

There are two routes for the enforcement of foreign judgments in Guernsey. The statutory method is available only for judgments from certain jurisdictions which can be registered in Guernsey following a specified statutory process. For all other countries, a judgment creditor must rely on common law principles to have a judgment recognised and thereafter enforced in Guernsey.

Authors: Mathew Newman, Sandie Lyne, Charlotte Ward
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Rebecca Mcnulty Open dialogue needed to avoid COVID-19 construction disputes

Jersey - Ogier

The potential for disputes in construction projects has risen sharply with the performance and enforcement of contracts directly affected by COVID-19. An open and frank dialogue early on between the parties steered as a form of informal mediation or collaboration can quickly put an end to frustrations and disputes and lead the way for a successful, more cost-effective solution to any dispute that may arise.

Authors: Rebecca Mcnulty, Jonathan Hughes
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Pedro Cortés Proposed new law on h­­otel establishments' activities

Macau - Rato, Ling, Lei & Cortés Advogados

Macau's tourism and entertainment industry has been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. With this in mind, the Second Standing Committee of the Legislative Assembly initiated discussions on the draft law on hotel establishments' activities, which the government submitted to the Plenary in February 2019. This law is welcome, as it will update the 1996 law and modernise the legal framework which governs Macau's economic engine.

Authors: Pedro Cortés, Calvin Tinlop Chui
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Recent updates

Helen Ruelle Accessible premises and disability discrimination

Jersey - Ogier

Authors: Helen Ruelle, Jonathan Hughes, Will Austin-Vautier, Kate Morel
Tim Clipstone Guernsey works for hedge funds

Guernsey - Ogier

Authors: Tim Clipstone, Craig Cordle, Bryon Rees
William Jones Court of Appeal enforces foreign arbitral award in favour of Brazilian airline

Cayman Islands - Ogier

Authors: William Jones, Marc Kish, Anna Snead
Dwight Glinton COVID-19: force majeure and contract frustration

Bahamas - Lennox Paton

Author: Dwight Glinton
S R Patnaik Primacy of family settlements upheld

India - Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas

Authors: S R Patnaik, Akshara Shukla, Nikhil Agarwal
Katie Coles Video-witnessed wills: new legislation

United Kingdom - Forsters LLP

Authors: Katie Coles, Fiona Smith