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21 June 2021

Total lockdown: critical construction works exempted

Malaysia is approaching the second half of 2021 under a nationwide lockdown. At the end of May 2021, the Prime Minister's Office announced that the country would be placed under a full movement control order for a fortnight at the start of June 2021. Only essential services and economic sectors are able to operate, restricting activity in the construction sector.

Richard Khoo Boo Hin Authors: Richard Khoo Boo Hin | Rachel Chiah

Malaysia | SKRINE

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Naylor v Roamquest Ltd

This article discusses a claim which arose out of a mixed residential and commercial development of 11 tower blocks in Greenwich and the cladding replacement works undertaken therein. The claimants were some of the leasehold owners of one or more of the flats in six of the tower blocks. The claimants sought damages in respect of their uninsured losses, including diminution in value and additional remedial works costs outside National House Building Council cover, alleging their repairs would be insufficient.

Jeremy Glover Author: Jeremy Glover

United Kingdom | Fenwick Elliott Solicitors

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Al-Leecia Delancy Author: Al-Leecia Delancy

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Aron C Beezley Authors: Aron C Beezley | Patrick R Quigley

USA | Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP

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Jeremy Glover Author: Jeremy Glover

United Kingdom | Fenwick Elliott Solicitors

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Johannes Stalzer Authors: Johannes Stalzer | Franz Urlesberger | Hanno Wollmann

Austria | Schoenherr