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Shipping & Transport

December 06 2017
Matti Komonen Helsinki Appeal Court on carrier's liability for loss of pharmaceuticals

Finland - HPP Attorneys Ltd

Correct temperature is vital to maintaining the feasibility and effectiveness of pharmaceuticals throughout their lifecycle, including during carriage. Although various guidelines have been issued and express provisions have been included in transport agreements to maintain the cold chain, damage often occurs. The Helsinki Appeal Court recently considered whether the level of a carrier's liability should be agreed in advance and whether failure to maintain an agreed temperature should constitute gross negligence.

Author: Matti Komonen
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Starting point of carrier's period of responsibility for goods packed in containers

Germany - Dabelstein & Passehl

The Higher Regional Court of Hamburg recently clarified the fact that goods having been packed in a container made available to a shipper by a carrier on a decoupled trailer belonging to the carrier is insufficient grounds for the carrier to have accepted the goods for carriage. The court set out the prerequisites for a carrier's acceptance of goods under Section 425 of the Commercial Code, as established in case law.

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Michael Harowski Maritime attachment permissible to obtain security for foreign arbitration, but only as adjunct to obtaining jurisdiction

USA - Fowler Rodriguez

The US Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit recently reinforced the availability of a maritime attachment as a means of obtaining security for a foreign arbitration. However, in so doing, the court highlighted that a maritime attachment must include an element of obtaining jurisdiction and may not be used solely to obtain security from a party already subject to the court's jurisdiction.

Author: Michael Harowski
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