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Shipping & Transport

06 February 2019
Yiota Georgiou Safety zone in Cyprus Continental Shelf and exclusive economic zone – Stena IceMax

Cyprus - Elias Neocleous & Co LLC

The recent Ministerial Order on Safety Zones was published with the purpose of ensuring the safety of the Stena IceMax drillship and the safety of navigation during the period that it will be used to drill in the Cyprus Continental Shelf and exclusive economic zone. The order establishes a safety zone at a distance of 500 metres from the drillship. Unless a vessel has obtained the requisite licence from the Deputy Ministry of Shipping, it cannot (bar a few exceptions) enter, navigate or remain within the safety zone.

Author: Yiota Georgiou
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Lucas Marques Baltic and International Maritime Council adopts clauses to reduce sulphur emissions

International - Kincaid | Mendes Vianna Advogados

The Baltic and International Maritime Council recently published two new clauses which require time charterparties to reduce sulphur emissions. The clauses regulate the effects of Annex VI of the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships, which stipulates that, from 1 January 2020, vessels will be able to consume only fuel with a sulphur content less than or equal to 0.5%.

Author: Lucas Marques
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Emeka Akabogu Senate reapproves National Transport Commission Bill

Nigeria - Akabogu & Associates

In late 2018 the president declined to assent to the National Transport Commission Bill (which the Senate had passed in March 2018). The president cited the need to review certain fiscal provisions set out in the bill, as well as concerns over the duplication of functions which already fell within the statutory mandates of existing agencies. The Senate recently formally reapproved the bill after examining it in view of the president's observations.

Author: Emeka Akabogu
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Herman Steen New version of Nordic Marine Insurance Plan prepares for Brexit – bolstering Nordic arbitration

Norway - Wikborg Rein

The 2019 version of the Nordic Marine Insurance Plan 2013 recently entered into force. Among other things, the revisions introduce an arbitration clause as an option for insurances with Nordic claims leaders. Making arbitration the default position when there is a non-Nordic claims leader aims to align the plan with market practice. However, the change has also been brought about by the looming consequences of Brexit.

Authors: Herman Steen, Anders W Færden, Sindre T Myklebust
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Recent updates

Costas Stamatiou Amendments to the Code of the Maritime Labour Convention enter into force

Cyprus - Elias Neocleous & Co LLC

Author: Costas Stamatiou
Jesper Windahl Carrier not liable for release of consignment without bill of lading

Denmark - WSCO Advokatpartnerselskab

Author: Jesper Windahl
Carsten Vyvers ADSp 2003, 2016 or 2017 – which version is valid?

Germany - Arnecke Sibeth Dabelstein

Author: Carsten Vyvers
Herman Steen When are owners obliged to commence approach voyage to loading port?

United Kingdom - Wikborg Rein

Authors: Herman Steen, Eleanor Midwinter, Marcus Sharpe
Emeka Akabogu Legal limits of armed guards on board ships

Nigeria - Akabogu & Associates

Author: Emeka Akabogu
Charalampos Kazantzis Securitisation in shipping: Maltese perspective

Malta - Fenech & Fenech Advocates

Author: Charalampos Kazantzis
Gaute K Gjelsten Supreme Court clarifies distribution of interest component in global limitation fund

Norway - Wikborg Rein

Authors: Gaute K Gjelsten, Nina M Hanevold-Sandvik, Aleksander Fjeldberg Taule