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13 December 2019
Samuel Yang New cryptography law comes into force

China - AnJie Law Firm

The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress recently approved the Cryptography Law. Under the law, cryptography is divided into core cryptography, ordinary cryptography and commercial cryptography. If a commercial cryptography product concerns state security, the national economy, people's livelihoods or social public interests, it will be included in the catalogue of critical network equipment and dedicated cybersecurity products under the law.

Authors: Samuel Yang, Yang Chen
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Sergey Medvedev Regulator clarifies key aspects of trademark use in keywords

Russia - Gorodissky & Partners

Keywords play an important role in e-marketing. After typing a specific product name, company name or brand in a search engine, potential customers and users may view specific offers and data, including ads. Further, the list of offers may represent certain keywords selected by an advertiser. Unsurprisingly, the selection and reproduction of designations as keywords can trigger various trademark use concerns that inevitably lead to enforcement issues.

Authors: Sergey Medvedev, Ilya Goryachev
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Jürg Schneider Federal Council adopts dispatch to improve legal framework for blockchain and DLT

Switzerland - Walder Wyss

The Federal Council recently adopted a dispatch message to improve the legal framework governing distributed ledger technologies (DLT) in Switzerland. The Federal Council's objective is to increase legal certainty, remove obstacles to DLT-based applications and limit the risk of abuse. The Swiss parliament will examine the dispatch message in early 2020.

Authors: Jürg Schneider, Christophe Gösken
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Recent updates

Trey Hanbury FCC announces members of precision agriculture task force

USA - Hogan Lovells

Author: Trey Hanbury
Samuel Yang Draft rules on collection of personal data by apps revised

China - AnJie Law Firm

Authors: Samuel Yang, Yang Chen
Federico Hernández Arroyo New state internet provider established

Mexico - Hogan Lovells BSTL SC

Author: Federico Hernández Arroyo
Arthur Shay Online box office liable for data theft and consequential damages

Taiwan - Shay & Partners

Author: Arthur Shay

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