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White Collar Crime

18 March 2019
Renato Tastardi Portella New government measures to tackle corruption: does the buck stop here?

Brazil - Mattos Filho, Veiga Filho, Marrey Jr e Quiroga Advogados

Despite the steps taken by Brazil to fight corruption in recent years, it remains one of the main challenges for the country. Mindful of this, the new government – which came into power in 2018 on the back of its vow to fight corruption – has promised a series of measures to tackle the issue. The measures include toughening prison sentences for corruption-related crimes, separating investigations involving high-level officials and making illegal campaign donations a criminal offence.

Author: Renato Tastardi Portella
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Peter S Spivack Justice Manual and FCPA enforcement

USA - Hogan Lovells

Throughout 2018 the Department of Justice (DOJ) continued to ring the clarion call for cooperation and sought to provide some certainty, consistency and coordination regarding the incentives offered to companies that provide voluntary disclosures. In particular, the DOJ centralised its guidance memoranda into what is now known as the Justice Manual. The DOJ's goals were to identify redundancies, clarify ambiguities, eliminate surplus language and update the manual to reflect current law and practice.

Authors: Peter S Spivack, Lillian S Hardy
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Recent updates

Rogério Fernando Taffarello Brazilian enforcement in 2019: what to expect

Brazil - Mattos Filho, Veiga Filho, Marrey Jr e Quiroga Advogados

Author: Rogério Fernando Taffarello
Gejaa Gobena DOJ aims for good, not perfect: review of updated corporate cooperation policy

USA - Hogan Lovells US LLP

Authors: Gejaa Gobena, Mitchell J Lazris, Peter S Spivack, Karla Aghedo
Ulyarta Naibaho Anti-corruption update: some encouragement for whistleblowers and first-ever prosecution of corporation

Indonesia - Ali Budiardjo, Nugroho, Reksodiputro

Authors: Ulyarta Naibaho, Bilal Anwari
Abigail Ruiz Companies' criminal and administrative liability

Mexico - Becerril, Coca & Becerril SC

Author: Abigail Ruiz