"The newsletter service is very good - what's nice is that you can pick what you want to read. That works very well because it is specifically tailored for my needs.
The contributors must like it because it certainly gets their name across and raises their profile. I would use the newsletters as a point of first contact for getting names where I do not have an existing contact for a specific type of work or jurisdiction so I could include those contributors in any shortlist for such new matters."

Robert Gibber
General Counsel

Tate & Lyle plc

“As a lawyer working in industry, I find the newsletters useful. The quality of the newsletters is generally high and the fact that the newsletters cover such a broad range of jurisdictions is very useful for lawyers working with international business. I have also used the authorship of articles to track down lawyers to engage in specific jurisdictions. My overall conclusion is that this is a well administered, useful service and I congratulate ILO on achieving this.”

Caroline Cockbain
VP Legal & Contracts, Aker Process Systems

Aker Solutions ASA

“I am a regular reader of the newsletters; they are very relevant and allow me to stay current with global developments, especially the copyright and internet law aspects in different jurisdictions. The quality is high and I appreciate the global reach of the newsletters.”

Kaisa Olkkonen
Vice President Government Relations

Nokia Corporation

“ I find ILO of deep interest to our association and our members, as it often raises new perspectives on relevant issues. I truly believe in the value of ILO”

Gonzalo Yelpo
Legal Director

Latin American & Caribbean Air Transport Association (ALTA)

"I benefit greatly from the legal material provided by ILO, which is excellent for keeping updated on legal developments in a large number of the countries where we operate."

Quirin Emmerich
Global Head of Legal and Compliance

Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty

"The level of information provided in the summaries is sufficient for me to pass it on to various non-legal teams. I have always received positive feedback, and sometimes questions on how such a piece of case law or advice might be applied to our own business situation arise. The newsletters are extremely useful as they 'prime' the recipient to identify the key issues that arise from the case or piece of legislation being reviewed. Very useful indeed."

Nina Barakzai
Group Head of Data Protection and Privacy

British Sky Broadcasting

"ILO transmissions unfailingly yield relevant and valuable insights and updates. I regularly forward to our offshore cities and urge them to subscribe. Rest assured your bulletins are not only read, but shared and digested."

Blanche Horst
Senior Analyst, Public Institutions

Jones Lang LaSalle Inc

“The fact that I read ILO newsletters regularly is, I think, the best evidence I can give that the content is relevant to what I do.  The articles are consistently well written, show firm grasp of the issues discussed and get their points across clearly.  I have already recommended ILO to one or two colleagues who have expressed gratitude to me for doing so.”

Paul Handford
Assistant Company Solicitor

Black & Veatch Ltd

"The newsletter service is very good. Keep up the good work!"

Alexandra Ho
Telecom Sourcing Practice Leader

Orange Business Services

"I find the newsletters an invaluable tool and welcome their receipt. The articles are always of a high standard and the email format is very convenient."

Clive Page
Office of General Counsel

Ford of Europe Inc

"The summaries are suitably succinct and therefore can be usefully read immediately in a busy practice without having to be stockpiled and read later. This is very useful."

Richard Aarons
Corporate Patent Counsel

CSIRO Molecular Science

"I greatly appreciate the newsletters as they enable me to keep abreast of topics in jurisdictions I spend very little time in but need to know about"

Frederic Haber
General Counsel & Secretary

Copyright Clearance Center Inc

"Thank you. We appreciate your publication. Keep it coming!"

Carol Chopra
Executive Director

European Franchise Federation

"The emails themselves provide useful bite-sized information that keeps a regional in-house counsel like me updated. At the same time the hyperlinks allow more extensive information to be found."

Kwong Weng Wan
Managing Director, Group General Counsel

Mapletree Investments Pte Ltd

“The newsletters generally cover a lot of jurisdictions and help me to stay updated with the legal developments in particular jurisdictions. One key feature of the newsletters is that you can select your areas of interest, which helps that you only get newsletters in which you are really interested in. I recommend the ILO newsletters to all new members of the ACC, as they are generally relevant and of a high quality.” 

Ulrich Eisenring
Senior Counsel

Amgen (Europe) GmbH

“The newsletters are relevant and very informative!”

Ralf Marxen
Head of Legal

Deutsche Shell Holding GmbH

"Your Arbitration newsletters are outstanding! I am an assiduous reader and, as inside counsel who frequently has to hire law firms to represent the company in arbitrations, I often find it helpful to follow up with the authors."

Michael McIlwrath
Senior Counsel, Litigation and Compliance

GE Oil & Gas/Nuovo Pignone SpA

“The quality of the newsletters is generally good.”

Javier Ramirez
Vice President, Litigation

Hewlett-Packard Europe

"ILO newsletters remain very interesting and helpful for me, and I look forward to continuing to receive them."

John Watterson
Head of Legal Services

SMP Partners Ltd

"The newsletters are of a high quality, concise and succinct."

Siong Koon Sim
General Counsel

AB Electrolux

"The articles are very well written. It is good to know what is going on outside of my geographic region."

Suresh Kumar
Senior Legal Director

Crisil Ltd

"Just a short word of thanks for these updates, which we have so far found very useful and remain delighted with this service. We can never get enough up-to-date proactive information and we have found this an extremely useful source."

Ken Morrison
Legal Director

Eurotunnel plc

"We are extremely happy with the service. Your newsletter is highly informative and useful. I am not aware of any other newsletter that provides such wide and comprehensive coverage. It is of great help and assistance for our work as in-house legal counsel."

Oswald D’Souza
Senior Legal Counsel

Larsen & Toubro Ltd

"Congratulations on the continuing success of your newsletters; I am in complete agreement with all subscribers who have provided positive comments."

Brooks W Daly
Deputy Secretary General

Permanent Court of Arbitration

"Outstanding and timely presentations. I am very content with the form and level of the information provided by ILO."

Flemming Jespersen
Director Legal and Regulatory Affairs

Verizon - Sweden

“The newsletters are of a high standard and are generally very relevant, especially when they pertain to countries in the Asia Pacific in which we operate. The articles are also short and concise which makes them easy to understand.”

Ee Ping Han
Legal Manager & Company Secretary

CROWN Asia Pacific Holdings Ltd

"Summaries are well done and allow one to get to the point of complex cases without too many details." 

Antoine Chavan
Senior Vice President Legal

Cotecna Inspection SA

"ILO is a very reputable service. Many our clients are very complementary about the service you provide."

Magdalena Flynn
Business Development Manager

Herbert Smith Freehills LLP

“The reports are excellent. Please keep up the good work!”

Simon Neill
Assistant General Counsel

Johnson & Johnson

"Thanks for this excellent newsletter service!"

Elisabeth André

Moll Wendén Advokatbyrå AB

“I find the updates very useful and of good quality. I like that you can search in the database by country etc after reading the newsletters. I recommend the International Law Office to my colleagues.”

Anette Ryde
Head of Legal

Maersk Tankers