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Shenzhen proposes local data protection regulations to protect data rights
  • China
  • 25 September 2020

The Justice Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality recently issued the Data Regulations of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone for public opinion. The draft regulations define the concept of 'data rights' for the first time and set out the ownership of personal and public data. According to the draft regulations, no organisation or individual may infringe on natural persons' data rights in accordance with the law.

State Council to formulate CII security protection regulations
  • China
  • 18 September 2020

The General Office of the State Council recently issued the 2020 Legislative Plan, which includes several laws applicable to the cybersecurity sector, such as the Regulations on Network Protection of Minors and the Regulations on the Security Protection of Critical Information Infrastructure.

Anhui Province proposes regulations to boost development and application of Big Data
  • China
  • 11 September 2020

The Anhui Province government recently issued the Regulations on the Development and Application of Big Data in Anhui Province for public opinion. The draft regulations encourage enterprises, universities, scientific research institutions and other organisations and individuals to engage in the research and development of Big Data technology and give full play to the economic value and social benefits of data resources.

Hainan free trade port: gradual removal of restrictions on foreign investment in telecoms industry
  • China
  • 28 August 2020

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council have jointly issued the Master Plan for the Construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port. According to the plan, the aim is for the port to be completed and operational as a globally influential duty-free trading centre by 2050. Among other things, the port is expected to open up value-added telecoms services and gradually remove restrictions on the percentage of enterprises' shareholdings which can be held by foreign investors.

New Civil Code highlights privacy and personal information protection
  • China
  • 21 August 2020

In May 2020 the National People's Congress passed the Civil Code, which will take effect on 1 January 2021. The Civil Code includes special provisions on the protection of privacy and personal information and provides that personal information pertaining to natural persons should be protected as a fundamental civil right. The processing of personal information should adhere to the principles of lawfulness, legitimacy and necessity, and excessive and unreasonable processing is prohibited.

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