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New regulation on right to refund for cancelled tickets
  • Spain
  • 20 May 2020

The Spanish authorities have issued a number of measures to remedy the impact of COVID-19 on the Spanish aviation industry. This article focuses on a specific topic especially relevant in the current circumstances – namely, the provisions and regulations that the Spanish authorities have recently approved in relation to flight cancellations and ticket refunds.

Court examines alleged abusive clauses in airline terms and conditions
  • Spain
  • 29 April 2020

On 8 January 2019 Commercial Court No 3 of Gijón resolved a collective cessation action brought by the Association of Financial Users, a non-profit entity, against the Spanish airline Volotea relating to some of its transport terms and conditions. Although the court was asked to give its opinion on a number of Volotea's terms and conditions, this article focuses on the most significant issues discussed in this judgment.

Impact of COVID-19 crisis on Spanish aviation industry
  • Spain
  • 22 April 2020

The rapid spread of COVID-19 throughout the world has forced many governments to issue emergency legislation, generally in a hurry and as a reaction to a continuously changing scenario. Spain is among the countries which have been hit particularly hard. This article provides a summary of the main pieces of Spanish legislation that affect the aviation industry.

New ministerial order on issuance and maintenance of air operators' licences
  • Spain
  • 04 March 2020

The Spanish government recently decided that it was time to update its internal regulations regarding the issuance, maintenance, suspension and cancellation of air operators' licences in order to bring them into line with current trends. In doing so, the government issued a new order which contains novelties that merit highlighting.

Supreme Court orders Iberia to cease using abusive terms and conditions
  • Spain
  • 19 December 2018

The Supreme Court (Civil Chamber) recently issued its judgment following cassation proceedings against a 2015 Madrid Provincial Audience judgment. The proceedings stemmed from a 2011 collective action against Iberia, which the Spanish Consumers and Users Organisation had filed with the Madrid Commercial Court in order to obtain the annulment of several clauses of Iberia's standard terms and conditions.

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