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Commercial representation in Iraq under new Commercial Agency Law
  • Iraq
  • 21 May 2018

Consequent differences between Federal Iraq and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq in the application of commercial agency legislation have surfaced following the ratification of the new Commercial Agency Law by the Iraqi Parliament. While this new law has replaced the old Commercial Agency Law in Federal Iraq, it is yet to be deliberated by the Kurdish Parliament, where the old law remains applicable for all commercial agency matters in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Registration of non-governmental organisations in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq
  • Iraq
  • 31 July 2017

In light of the current humanitarian crisis and the large number of refugees that have entered the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, the presence of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) is vital in order to assist affected local communities and refugees. As the call for aid increased, the number of registered NGOs in the Kurdistan Region has surged. In this respect, NGOs must comply with applicable laws and regulations in order to secure a legal presence in the region.

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