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Environment & Climate Change

Contributed by Hogan Lovells BSTL SC
New national environment and natural resources policy
  • Mexico
  • 03 August 2020

The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources recently published the Environment and Natural Resources Sector Programme for 2020 to 2024, which is the nationwide policy on environment. The policy sets out five main objectives that will serve as a guide for all other federal and local environmental policies, strategies and decisions and includes various methods for determining the progress made on the implementation of its strategies and achieving the goals set for 2024.

New ASEA guidelines for dismantling hydrocarbon sector activities
  • Mexico
  • 15 June 2020

The National Agency for Industrial Safety and the Protection of the Environment in the Hydrocarbons Sector recently published guidelines for dismantling hydrocarbon sector activities. The guidelines are mandatory for all hydrocarbon sector facilities that carry out closing, dismantling or abandonment activities.

First adjustments to New General Law for Sustainable Forest Development
  • Mexico
  • 25 May 2020

In 2018 the New General Law for Sustainable Forest Development entered into force, introducing new legal definitions with regard to the forestry regulatory framework. In April 2020 a seemingly small yet quite relevant amendment to the law was published in the Federal Official Gazette, making various adjustments to the legal definitions set out in Article 7 of the law.

CONAGUA moves forward with online procedures system during COVID-19 quarantine
  • Mexico
  • 27 April 2020

Given the current situation brought about by COVID-19 and the subsequent suspension of private and governmental activities, the National Waters Commission (CONAGUA) has been reconsidering its online procedures system, which was initially published in the Federal Official Gazette on 1 October 2018 but was not implemented until late 2019. CONAGUA's ultimate goal in this respect is the complete substitution of traditional in-person-initiated procedures with their digital counterparts.

Air emissions obligations for industry and service sectors
  • Mexico
  • 13 April 2020

The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources and the National Ecology and Climate Chance Institute are continuing to help Mexico achieve its climate-change-related air emissions goals through data analysis, policy management and the implementation of the emissions trading system pilot programme. As such, now is an ideal time for actors in industry and service sectors to evaluate their air emissions obligations. Further, additional obligations may apply to certain facilities due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tech, Data, Telecoms & Media

Contributed by Hogan Lovells BSTL SC
New digital services tax introduced
  • Mexico
  • 11 September 2020

Mexico recently introduced a new digital services tax. Under the new rules, paid-for digital services provided via digital content or apps through the Internet or any other fundamentally automated network are subject to specific value added tax rules if the user of the service is located in Mexico. This article provides a general summary of the new tax rules.

COVID-19 and Mexican telecoms sector
  • Mexico
  • 17 July 2020

When the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in Mexico in Spring 2020, the Federal Telecommunications Institute issued a decree to order the maintenance of telecoms and broadcasting network operations, enhance information and communication technologies to counteract the effects of the contingency measures and encourage preventive measures and avoid the spread of misleading information. This article examines these provisions in brief.

Draft rules on net neutrality issued for public consultation
  • Mexico
  • 14 February 2020

In December 2019 the Federal Telecommunications Institute issued draft rules for public consultation to further regulate net neutrality in Mexico. Further discussions are anticipated following the consultation period and the definitive rules are expected to be published in mid-2020. Nonetheless, the publication of draft rules to regulate net neutrality is a positive step which has long been awaited by both industry players and non-governmental organisations.

New state internet provider established
  • Mexico
  • 06 December 2019

A new state-owned company has been established to provide free internet services to all citizens in Mexico. The company aims to provide telecoms services without charge and guarantee the right of access to information technologies and communication (including internet and broadband), particularly to people without access to such services in Mexico.

Cybersecurity (or lack thereof) under new administration
  • Mexico
  • 02 August 2019

The administration recently issued its National Development Plan 2019-2024, which – despite the previous administration's plans – does not mention cybersecurity. Although there are still hopes that cybersecurity will be addressed in the soon-to-be-released Communications and Transports Sectorial Programme 2019-2024, it appears that the present administration has no intention of implementing a cybersecurity strategy.

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