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Federal Supreme Court upholds breast implant decision
  • Switzerland
  • 30 October 2019

The Federal Supreme Court recently dismissed an appeal against a Zurich Social Insurance Court decision concerning the replacement of an appellant's breast implant under compulsory health insurance. According to the Federal Supreme Court, a gynaecologist's reasoning that the appellant's pain was most likely caused by the implant was incomprehensible and therefore the Zurich Social Insurance Court's decision was not arbitrary.

Federal Council aims to combat human organ trafficking more effectively
  • Switzerland
  • 23 October 2019

The Federal Council recently submitted to Parliament a dispatch approving the Council of Europe Convention against Trafficking in Human Organs. The Federal Council supports the convention, which aims to harmonise criminal provisions internationally. In particular, the convention provides for the prosecution of all human organ trafficking, regardless of where it takes place.

New measures to combat rising costs in public healthcare sector
  • Switzerland
  • 09 October 2019

The Federal Council recently adopted new measures to combat rising costs in the public healthcare sector. With this first set of measures, the Federal Council intends to provide all stakeholders with the instruments needed to reduce costs and expects to save several hundred million Swiss francs annually.

Federal Council clarifies use of personal data in compulsory healthcare insurance
  • Switzerland
  • 02 October 2019

The Federal Council recently approved a draft of the Social Security and Health Commission of the Council of States in order to improve the legal basis for the transfer of data of insured persons. The Federal Council intends to collect personal data from insured persons while guaranteeing the protection of personal data and upholding the principle of proportionality.

Federal Supreme Court clarifies pricing rules for generics
  • Switzerland
  • 25 September 2019

The Federal Supreme Court recently clarified that although certain provisions of the Health Insurance Act and the Health Insurance Ordinance are based on patent protection (or expiration), the Health Insurance Ordinance sets out no pricing rules for generics if the original's exclusivity is only partially lost. Further, protected indications of a multi-indication pharmaceutical, of which some indications have lost exclusivity, cannot be exchanged by a generic.

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