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Parliament adopts Information Security Act
  • Switzerland
  • 09 April 2021

Parliament recently approved a new Information Security Act (ISA), almost 10 years after proceedings were initiated. The ISA defines the minimum requirements that all federal authorities must fulfil to protect their information and IT infrastructure. Its approval is a welcome milestone which represents the conclusion of a long parliamentary process and will re-establish information security principles in the federal public sectors.

Digital transformation: new cloud strategy and Swiss Cloud initiative
  • Switzerland
  • 29 January 2021

The Federal Council recently approved the cloud strategy for the federal administration which, among other things, provides for the further use of public cloud services as a strategic extension of existing IT-sourcing options for the federal administration. On the same day, it published the latest report on the Swiss Cloud – a related initiative to examine whether Switzerland should strive for its own cloud and data infrastructure with regard to data sovereignty and reduced dependency on international cloud providers.

Proposed Film Act revision: investment obligation for online film providers and quotas for European films
  • Switzerland
  • 22 January 2021

The Film Act is under revision, with major implications for online film providers. Under the revised act, companies that show films in Switzerland in their programmes or as 'electronic services on demand or by subscription' (ESDS) must use at least 1% of their gross revenues to invest in independent Swiss film productions or pay a compensation fee. In addition, companies offering films in Switzerland as ESDS must allocate a minimum of 30% of their platform capacity to European films.

Federal Council in favour of requiring critical infrastructures to report cyberattacks
  • Switzerland
  • 15 January 2021

The Federal Council recently tasked the Department of Finance with drafting a bill which will introduce a cyberattack notification obligation for operators of critical infrastructure. The draft will appoint a central reporting office and provide uniform criteria for all sectors in order to clarify how the reporting procedure would work. This step forward represents a key point of implementation of the national strategy for the protection of Switzerland against cyber risks.

Revised telecoms legislation enters into force
  • Switzerland
  • 08 January 2021

Parliament recently revised the federal telecoms legislation – in particular, the Federal Telecommunications Act and its various implementing ordinances. These revised regulations entered into force on 1 January 2021. The revision of the telecoms legislation brings about several fundamental changes that affect consumers as well as telecoms service providers and telecoms operators.

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