Banking, Italy updates

Stock Exchange Commission Comments on E-banking
  • Italy
  • 14 July 2000

The Italian Stock Exchange Commission has held that banks and investment companies are fully entitled to provide online investment services to investors. It specified that the provision of these services must comply with the applicable legislation and regulations that govern general investment services.

Government Expands Scope of Money-Laundering Legislation
  • Italy
  • 22 March 2000

New legislation extends the scope of Italy’s anti-money laundering law to encompass certain financial and business activities considered susceptible to the crime. The new law includes both record-keeping and reporting requirements.

Denationalizing the Public Banking System
  • Italy
  • 05 August 1999

A new legislative decree has come into effect to regulate the now denationalized banking foundations. It endures that they are private and non-profit-making legal entities, dedicated to the pursuit of public interest or promotion of economic development.

New Law Allows Greater Securitization
  • Italy
  • 07 May 1999

A new law has been introduced to deal with securitization of credits. Among other things, it means that securitization will no longer relying on special purpose vehicles outside Italy.

All Change
  • Italy
  • 22 February 1999

New legislation is being introduced to deal with the transition period of 1999 to 2002 while the euro and national currencies are both legal tender. The new legislation deals specifically with the use of the euro for accounting purposes and the tax consequences of the conversion.

The De-Materialization of Government Securities and Public Financial Instruments
  • Italy
  • 18 December 1998

Overview (August 1998)
  • Italy
  • 28 August 1998

Including: The Structure of the Italian Banking System; The New Regulation of the Financial Markets; Banks’ Mergers and the Securitisation Market in Italy

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