Environment & Climate Change, Mexico updates

Defeat of Amendments to General Wildlife Law Tips Balance towards Conservation
  • Mexico
  • 07 April 2008

The environmental authorities have long struggled to legislate for more effective protection of mangrove ecosystems. Several senators recently tried and failed to amend the rules which restrict potentially damaging developments in mangrove areas. Although championed by the Mexican Ecological Party and welcomed by conservationists, the rules have radically affected investment and tourism.

Down to Earth: New Heavy Metal Soil Contamination Legislation
  • Mexico
  • 15 October 2007

After much expectation and protracted negotiations, the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources has finally issued an official standard with respect to soil contamination from certain heavy metals. Although there is much to applaud in the new norm, further protection is needed.

CDM Projects and the Additionality Criterion
  • Mexico
  • 19 March 2007

The implementation of the first clean development mechanism (CDM) projects in Mexico, which involve the burning of methane gas produced in municipal landfills, have been complicated by the problems encountered in setting a baseline from which to define and demonstrate compliance with the additionality criterion established by the CDM.

Environmental Authorization: Project Proponents v Public Participation
  • Mexico
  • 13 November 2006

Until recently, social acceptance of large-scale developments - including energy projects - was taken for granted. However, public participation has become integral to environmental authorization processes and legal challenges, presenting new problems for proponents of environmentally sensitive projects.

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