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Contributed by Venetucci & Asociados
New regulation aims to combat spread of Asian and Japanese gypsy moths
  • Argentina
  • 14 April 2021

A new regulation has entered into force to combat the risk of Asian and Japanese gypsy moths being transported into Argentina. The new regulation affects vessels which have been to certain regions of concern in the past 24 months. This article outlines the procedure which such vessels must follow before arriving in Argentina.

United Kingdom

Contributed by Wikborg Rein
Shipping disputes: jurisdiction and enforcement of judgments post-Brexit
  • United Kingdom
  • 14 April 2021

Due to the inherent multi-jurisdictional nature of shipping disputes, the reciprocal recognition and enforcement of judgments can be crucial. Judgments often require enforcement over assets which are located in another jurisdiction. The Lugano Convention made this possible with regard to the enforcement of UK judgments in signatory states and vice versa. However, when the Brexit transition period ended, the United Kingdom ceased being a party to the convention.

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