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Major Changes in Civil Aviation Activity
  • Argentina
  • 13 December 2006

The Argentine civil aviation sector is facing major changes as a result of serious irregularities recently detected in the control of air activity. Scandals have emerged regarding the lack of compliance with air safety standards by the national air force, which has been the controller of the civil aviation sector since 1976.

New Regulation for Foreign Certifications of Aircraft Repairs
  • Argentina
  • 07 June 2006

The National Agency of Airworthiness has issued a new regulation concerning the certifications granted by foreign repair shops regarding the status and condition of an aircraft. The new resolution amends the Rules of Airworthiness for the Argentine Republic in relation to the legal effect of the use of foreign languages in certifications by repair shops.

New Regulation Regarding Aircraft Lease Registrations
  • Argentina
  • 22 March 2006

The Aircraft Registry of Argentina has issued a new resolution, Disposición Técnica Registral 6/2005, which regulates the requirements for the registration of aircraft leases, as well as agreements that include a purchase option and any other acts related to these agreements.

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