Energy & Natural Resources, Argentina updates

Developments in the Biofuels Industry
  • Argentina
  • March 25 2008

The law approving the bioethanol production promotion regime was recently published in the Official Bulletin. Projects submitted under the legal framework will be entitled to the benefits provided by Chapters I and II of the Law for the Regulation and Promotion of the Production and Sustainable Use of Biofuels.

National Programme on the Rational and Efficient Usage of Energy
  • Argentina
  • January 28 2008

Decree 140/2007 has recently been published in the Official Gazette, declaring that the efficient usage of energy is of general interest and a national priority. It also approves the fundamentals of the denominated National Programme on the Rational and Efficient Usage of Energy. The programme will be executed in a two-stage process within 90 days of the publication of the decree.

New Values for Exploration and Exploitation Cannons
  • Argentina
  • November 19 2007

Recently published Decree 1454/2007 has adjusted the value of the exploration and exploitation cannons in Argentine pesos for each square kilometre or fraction thereof. These new values will be valid from the date of publication in the Official Gazette and applicable until the end of 2007.

Biofuels in Buenos Aires
  • Argentina
  • September 17 2007

On August 8 2007 Buenos Aires adhered to Federal Law 26,093 for the Regulation and Promotion of the Sustainable Production and Use of Biofuels. Published in the Official Bulletin on May 15 2006, the law provides for tax exemptions in the payment of turnover, real estate and stamp taxes within the scope provided therein.

Control of Contaminating Gas Emissions
  • Argentina
  • September 10 2007

Enargas, the gas regulatory authority, has published a new resolution incorporating into the environmental control system a monitoring system for greenhouse gas emissions from natural gas transportation and distribution activities. The resolution is designed to promote environmental protection, including community health, by controlling contaminating gas emissions from compressors and generators.

New Decree Generates Five New Power Plants
  • Argentina
  • August 06 2007

Decree 938/2007 has been published in the Official Bulletin. Under the decree, the government instructs its ministries to implement immediately the construction of five natural gas electrical power generation plants with a total installed power of 1,500 megawatts.

Developments in the Natural Gas Sector
  • Argentina
  • July 16 2007

In June 2007 several major developments occurred in the natural gas sector. The Secretariat of Energy published a resolution confirming the new Agreement with Natural Gas Producers, which safeguards the domestic natural gas supply by natural gas distribution companies until December 31 2011.

Government Tightens Registration Process for Hydrocarbon Companies
  • Argentina
  • May 08 2007

A new resolution has amended the rules related to the registration of hydrocarbon exploration and development companies. Under the new rules, oil companies registered with the Registry of Oil Companies and those applying for registration after the effective date of the resolution must regularly update their registration information in compliance with the effective regulations.

Amendments to Hydrocarbons Law
  • Argentina
  • February 19 2007

A new law amending the Hydrocarbons Law has been published in the Official Gazette. Article 2 of the new law establishes that, as from the enactment of the law, all hydrocarbon exploration permits and development concessions, as well as any kind of hydrocarbon exploration and/or exploitation agreement granted or approved by the federal state, are transferred to the state.

Provinces Call for Bids for Exploration and Exploitation of Hydrocarbons
  • Argentina
  • September 04 2006

The provincial governments are calling for bids in order to award exclusive rights for the exploration and eventual exploitation of hydrocarbons in certain areas. Following a 1994 amendment to the Constitution, provinces have control over certain natural resources. They are eager to promote the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons within their jurisdictions, as this is a key element for development.

New Promotion System for Biofuel Production
  • Argentina
  • July 31 2006

After two years of debate, Congress has approved Law 26,093 on biofuel, creating a promotion system for biofuel production and sustainable use. The new law also invites the provincial legislatures and the government of the city of Buenos Aires to adhere to the promotional regime by enacting similar laws within their jurisdiction.

Basic Regulations of the Hydrocarbons Regime
  • Argentina
  • December 12 2005

The Hydrocarbons Act provides the basic regulations for hydrocarbons exploration and production. Under the act, all activities relating to the exploitation, industrialization, transport and commercialization of hydrocarbons are to be carried out by public or private companies. On August 6 2003 the executive branch issued Decree 546/2003, which complements the Hydrocarbons Act.

New Regulations for Mining Export Proceeds
  • Argentina
  • August 09 2004

A mining company which holds a fiscal stability certificate under Decree 753/04 is no longer obliged to repatriate and negotiate on the local foreign exchange market the foreign exchange proceeds resulting from the export of its products. However, disbursements or commitments required to be made or satisfied abroad must be covered by the export proceeds.

New Mineral Products Included under Mining Investment Regime
  • Argentina
  • March 29 2004

A new resolution of the Secretariat of Mining has extended the list of primary production products included under the Mining Investment Law. Mining projects involving such products qualify for inclusion in the register of the law and are eligible for the benefits established by the mining investments regime.

New Regulations for Natural Gas Transportation and Distribution
  • Argentina
  • March 15 2004

Two presidential decrees have been issued with the broad aim of securing natural gas supply and revitalizing the natural gas production, transportation and distribution industries, which were hit hard by the 2001 economic crisis. Among other things, the decrees will ensure that gas distribution licencees and users can acquire natural gas directly from producers and brokers.

New Leasing Rules Applied to Mining Investments Regime
  • Argentina
  • February 02 2004

A new resolution has established leasing transaction conditions for mining corporations, companies providing mining services, organizations listed in the register of the Mining Investments Law and importers acting as lessors. Penalties have also been established for breach of the resolution, customs regulations or the mining investments regime.

Overview (December 2003)
  • Argentina
  • December 15 2003

Including: Oil and Gas Regime; Mining Regime; Electricity Industry; Environmental Considerations.

Requirements Issued for Repatriation of Oil Export Proceeds
  • Argentina
  • July 28 2003

A recent communication issued by the Argentine Central Bank requires local banks to issue compliance acknowledgements for the repatriation of oil proceeds under Decree 2703/02. The decree entitles oil and gas producers freely to dispose of 70% of the proceeds from exports of oil, gas and their byproducts.

Economic Crisis Endangers Foreign Mining Investment
  • Argentina
  • August 19 2002

Two executive orders have caused a conflict between the Central Bank on the one hand, and the mining companies and the Undersecretariat of Mining on the other. The result of the dispute, on which the future of mining in Argentina depends, is eagerly awaited.

Deregulation Breaks Gas Monopoly
  • Argentina
  • April 23 2001

The government’s policy to deregulate the gas industry has been accompanied by new legislation. The Gas Act 24076 lays down a legal framework for natural gas transportation and distribution services.

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