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Supreme Court Considers Repair Costs for Damaged Vessels
  • South Korea
  • 18 July 2001

The Supreme Court has ruled on the interpretation of Article 60(2)(ii) of the British Marine Insurance Act 1906. The 'cost of repairing the damage' refers to costs incurred in restoring a damaged vessel to its original condition, including the cost of towing the stranded vessel to the repair port and the stamp fee for issuance of the towage certificate, among other things.

Supreme Court at the Helm
  • South Korea
  • 31 January 2001

Recent Supreme Court decisions have clarified issues such as the relevance of the Hague-Visby Rules in domestic law, the naming of cargo owners as consignors in bills of lading and the circumstances in which the courts will apply the Civil Code to uphold a contributory negligence setoff where concurrent causes exist.

Supreme Court Rules on Contributory Negligence in Cargo Claim
  • South Korea
  • 05 October 2000

A recent Supreme Court judgment considers the issue of contributory negligence in determining the scope of liability for damage resulting from a breach of a carriage contract.

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