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Recovery options against Mauritius-incorporated entities
  • Mauritius
  • 02 December 2011

The new Insolvency Act is intended to consolidate and modernise the legal framework for insolvency by updating and integrating it into a modern and comprehensive regime covering both individual and corporate insolvency. The act states that a company is unable to pay its debts if it fails to comply with a statutory demand within a period of one month after the last date for compliance with the demand.

Voluntary administration – directors prevail over shareholders
  • Mauritius
  • 30 September 2011

The Supreme Court of Mauritius recently delivered an interlocutory judgment on the appointment of an administrator under the Insolvency Act 2009. The judgment is the first on this issue and provides a precedent as to the approach that the Supreme Court is likely to adopt in the future in similar matters.

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