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ILO Client Choice Guide 2012
Having advised almost all of the global players in the industry,
in some cases for decades, Klaus Nyblin has market-leading
experience and understanding of the pharmaceuticals and
life sciences industry. Mr Nyblin regularly advises his clients
on the whole range of issues arising from clinical trials and
market access, as well as the marketing of pharmaceuticals.
His experience includes marketing authorisations and data
exclusivity in respect of pharmaceutical products, as well
as switches to over-the-counter distribution; pricing and
reimbursement in respect of pharmaceutical products;
marketing pharmaceutical products to healthcare professionals
and consumers; and conducting administrative procedures
with the local pharmaceutical authorities, the Finnish Medicines
Agency and the Pharmaceuticals Pricing Board, as well as
appeals in the administrative courts against decisions of these
authorities. His work also covers competition law, particularly
in relation to pricing and reimbursement; privacy, focusing on
issues arising from clinical trials and marketing to healthcare
professionals; and aspects of drafting and contract law advice
which require specialist knowledge of the pharmaceutical
Mr Nyblin is regularly consulted by the biggest and best-
known companies in the sector and advises firms around the
world on issues arising from the operation of the pharmaceuticals
industry in Finland. He leads Hammarström Puhakka Partners’
life sciences team and works closely with related teams,
including competition, mergers and acquisitions and dispute
resolution, to provide comprehensive and rounded advice to
his clients.
Hammarström Puhakka
Bulevardi 1 A
+358 9 474 21
+358 9 474 2222
Nyblin, Klaus
Hammarström Puhakka Partners – Partner |
Winner – Healthcare & Life Sciences, Finland
What clients said
“Klaus Nyblin is one of the leading experts in
pharmaceutical law in Finland and has market-
leading experience in the life sciences industry.”
“Our professional relationship with Klaus Nyblin
continues – with successful results.”
“His outstanding expertise in the law and long
experience within the industry make him a great
legal partner for a multi-divisional company.”
“Klaus Nyblin is dedicated to providing excellent
client service. He is always available with fast and
focused responses and high-quality input.”