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ILO Client Choice Guide 2012
Michał Romanowski is a practising lawyer and has been a
professor of contract law, business law and capital markets
law at the faculty of law and administration at the University
of Warsaw since 2006. He has been admitted to the Warsaw
Advocates’ Bar and the Warsaw Legal Advisers Bar.
Professor Romanowski offers a unique combination of
professional experience as a practising lawyer, law professor
and manager. From 1996 to 1998 he was a partner and co-
founder of MC Concordia and from 1998 to 2000 he was a
partner and co-founder of BNP Paribas Corporate Finance
Polska. He is also a highly sought-after consultant and has
litigated some of the highest-profile court cases in Central and
Eastern Europe. He acts as a consultant in M&A transactions
and other financial and trade dealings, both public and private.
Professor Romanowski is a member of the Civil Law
Codification Commission responsible for reforming Polish
civil and commercial law. He drafted the amendments to
the Commercial Companies Code that implemented the EU
Cross-Border Merger Directive, the changes to the EU Second
Company Law Directive and the EU Shareholder Rights
Directive. Professor Romanowski is the commission member
responsible for presenting Poland’s position on proposed
changes to European company law and capital markets law.
He is also an expert adviser to the Ministry of Justice of Poland,
the Economic Council to the Prime Minister of Poland and the
Polish Financial Supervision Commission.
Professor Romanowski has written many books and articles
on contract law, company law, securities law and financial
markets law. He is a regular speaker at conferences on civil,
company and financial law.
Romanowski i Wspólnicy
Tasmowa 7
+48 22 853 14 40
+48 22 853 14 41
Romanowski, Michał
Romanowski i Wspólnicy – Partner |
Winner – General Corporate, Poland
What clients said
“Michał Romanowski is a very business-oriented
lawyer and finds it easy to communicate with
“Professor Romanowski has been the best supporter
of our ambitions. He is a very creative person.”
“To Michał, a problem is an issue to be solved and
every problem has a solution.”
“Overall, the combination of business acumen,
great interpersonal skills, academic knowledge
and huge transaction experience makes Michał
a truly amazing lawyer.”