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ILO Client Choice Guide 2012
Enrico Sisti is head of the M&A, corporate and transactional
department at Rucellai & Raffaelli, which received a Best Team
award at the World Finance Legal awards in 2010. Further firm
specialisms include outsourcing – for which Mr Sisti is highly
recommended by Practical Law Company and Rucellai &
Raffaelli was named Law Firm of the Year by
in 2011 – and information and next-generation
technologies. In addition to his work in Italy, Mr Sisti is active
in the United States, India and Southeast Europe.
Mr Sisti graduated
cum laude
with a degree in law from the
University of Parma, having written a thesis on international
law. He has been a lawyer since 1995 and became a partner
at Rucellai & Raffaelli in 2001. As well as Italian, he speaks
fluent English and French.
Rucellai & Raffaelli
Via Monte Napoleone 18
+39 02 764 5771
+39 02 783 524
Sisti, Enrico
Rucellai & Raffaelli – Partner |
Winner – General Corporate, Italy
What clients said
“The legal services that Enrico provides are simply
“Enrico is a fantastic negotiator: he creates good
relationships with legal and business counterparties,
but can also stand firm and strongly defend his
client’s position when the situation demands it.”
“Enrico has reached the highest levels of legal
service. He has a specific focus on quality of service
in terms of timely responses, accuracy of opinion
and support in complex deal negotiations.”
“He has the ability to combine legal advice of the
very highest quality with a robustly pragmatic
approach. The result for clients is advice that is
not only sound, but also actionable.”