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ILO Client Choice Guide 2012
Bernd Taucher is one of the managing partners of Graf Patsch
Taucher, a dynamic business law boutique active in Central
and Eastern Europe. Mr Taucher heads the firm’s banking and
finance practice and specialises in corporate finance, mergers
and acquisitions and capital markets. After more than 10 years
in practice, working mainly on international transactions, he has
extensive experience of advising clients on a variety of projects.
His business background is more than merely academic – one
of his particular strengths is advising clients on strategically
sensitive matters. Within his areas of specialisation, Mr Taucher
has worked for clients across a broad range of industries,
including petrochemicals, financial services, IT management,
electricity, sporting goods, steel production, transport and
real estate development.
Recent publications include
Doing Finance in Austria
, a
commentary on Loan Market Association (LMA)-style finance
agreements under Austrian law.
Recent transactions include a structurally complex, high-
volume finance project for a listed client, which included the
redemption of a listed bond backed by two credit agreements
in Austria and the United States; a
150 million credit facility
backed by a guarantee facility for an industrial borrower; a
million real estate finance transaction under LMA standards as
counsel to a borrower listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange;
and the restructuring of a
200 million export finance agreement
for an Austrian industry group. As lead counsel, his recent
M&A transactions include a corporate restructuring across
13 countries and a structurally complex share transaction,
including a joint venture agreement, for an industrial group
listed on the Dubai Stock Exchange. Together with real estate
partner Alexander Patsch, he has also established a joint
venture in Russia for an Austrian construction corporation.
Graf Patsch Taucher LLC
Am Schwarzenbergplatz
Brucknerstrasse 2/4
+43 1 535 48 20
+43 1 535 48 20 44
Taucher, Bernd
Graf Patsch Taucher LLC – Partner |
Winner – General Corporate, Austria
What clients said
“Bernd works with ease at international level; he
has been quick to pick up on what is important to
our industry.”
“Mr Taucher exceeded our expectations in both
finance and M&A work.”
“Bernd is a highly experienced finance and M&A
lawyer with international transaction experience.”
“His response time is great, which is crucial for us.”